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Geometry is a universal language.  So is play.


Climbing Tower


These open-ended, sculptural structures are instant conversation starters, encouraging people to come together and play on, around, and through.





Unity Collection


"Retro" play equipment has been reimagined for today's children.

 To see The Unity Collection in action click here



Unity Rushmore             Unity Slide

                       UNITY RUSHMORE

                 Rushmore brings the thrill of the hill

                        to the playground.


                                                                                       UNITY Slide Climber

                                                                                                       It's about more than just sliding down--

                                                                                                                   it's about how you get to the top.






Unity Teeter Tunnel             Unity Canopy


                      UNITY Teeter Tunnel

               Centers on balance and cooperation

 Designed to allow large groups to share the experience.



                                                                                            UNITY Canopy

                                                                                                                 Multiple points of access

                                                                                                            with a nonlinear path of exploration.






Play that brings everyone together!



Unity SteppersUNITY Steppers

Links pieces of equipment together

Small, Medium, and Large Steppers





A spring rider for up to six users


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